As a potter, I strive to make work that that is visually pleasing as well as functional. There is something to be said about the idea of creating an object that someone will eat off of or drink out of on a daily basis. It feels as though I have a connection to the people who have purchased pottery. It is a great feeling to know that people are using ceramic pieces that I have created with my own two hands.

Using ergonomics as my main focus, I design tableware for day to day meals. I explore the relationship between form and function for use, containment and storage. I am interested in the connection that the user makes with the object both physically and mentally. The relationship made between the user and my wheel thrown pottery is quite different from the feeling of using factory-made ceramics. My handmade ware offers the consumer a warmer experience in contrast to the less comfortable commercial objects. In a world based on industrial society, I offer the user the work of the artisan.

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